Welcome to the Canon Creative Park!!Welcome to the Canon Creative Park!!


5 simple steps

1Choose the item on your smartphone or PC


3Print at home

4Can be made immediately with scissors, box cutter and glue

5Store-like items complete!

So, let's begin!

What do you like?

Creative Park has a function that makes it easy to find your favorite item.
Select the genre you want to look at from below.

Hobby Crafts

Both the finish and challenge are excellent. Realistic paper crafts, moving toys with tricks... Click here for special content. Surprise your child with this present!

Play & Learn

Games that children can make and play for themselves, toys that can be learned, and papercraft that even preschoolers can enjoy. Find items that are useful for raising children. Especially recommended for moms and dads.

Decoration Ideas

A variety of lovely paper items for decorating your room or a house party. With your home printer, you can print at any time.

Handmade Life

For those who like handmade items, find various items here that color your life. You can quickly get useful accessories such as a petit envelope and a cute card where a simple message can be written.

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From development to completion.Introducing the content with a video!

Convenient and cute
Click here for content

A camera-shaped box that transforms into an accessory case when slid.It's easy to make, so why not try it?

Can be displayed in your room
Click here for content

It's a real, palm-sized paper craft.Why don't you make it as an accent in your room?

Click here for content

It is a mini-sized World Heritage Site that can be casually displayed on your desk.Would you like to recreate the fantastic appearance that floats on the sea?

Cute that you just want to make
Click here for content

It has been a popular item in Creative Park for many years.Why don't you make it from "Shiba Inu" first?


Are all items free to download?

Yes. All contents are free to use after a simple ID registration (Canon ID).

I don't know how to make it

We have released a special page that explains how to make basic paper craft. You can learn tools and tips. You can learn more about paper craft by checking along with the introduction video on this page.

If borderless printing doesn't work

If your printer does not have a function of borderless setting, you can print only with bordered.

How do I download and print?

Choose a paper size to download the content.
Open the downloaded file and print. The printer settings differ depending on the model, so please refer to the manual.

What type of paper is there?
  • Plain Paper
    Such as copy paper, since it is thin and easy to fold, it is suitable for envelopes and one piece items.
  • Matte Photo Paper
    A thick paper suitable for making paper crafts. It is recommended as it produces great color.
  • Plus Glossy II
    A glossy paper used for printing photos. It has a beautiful finish and is suitable for gift cards.
  • High-Res Paper
    It is a paper for inkjet printing that is slightly thicker than plain paper and has good color development.
  • Magnetic Photo Paper
    Print directly on magnet and create original items.
  • Iron-on Transfer Sheet
    A special type of paper that allows to paste the design printed onto the cloth.
  • Washi
    A unique texture can be made.


If I don't have the recommended paper, can I print on plain paper?

We recommend paper that matches the characteristics of the item.
We recommend using the recommended paper.

Can I print with a printer from a manufacturer other than Canon?

Printing is possible, but the Creative Park items are based on Canon printers.
Please use a Canon printer and genuine ink.

Make your craft life easier. The simple and fun Creative Park app that allows you to edit and print smoothly on your smartphone.

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